by Flora Choi

Linling Lu, a senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art, creates colorful, vibrant paintings that deal with the psychosis of the human mind, Asian culture, as well as topographical maps. Linling’s pieces are  very much influenced by nature. She has stated, ” I am just amazed by nature. Contours  that are created by nature and GIS technology are powerful and exciting. I want to transform that beauty and enlightenment into my paintings.” Confucianism and Taoism are related to her work as conceptual ideas that explain or explore the relationships between humans and the universe.

Linling was born in the southwest part of China, Guizhou Province, the home of many different ethnic minorities who constitute almost 40% of the population. People in that province have different cultures, various music, and many religions. Their ceremonies, rituals, and harvest celebrations from ancient times deeply influence her paintings in both colors and concepts. Coming to the United States from China was a big decision for her–for her great ambition to paint, she left her family, friends, and motherland. Two years have passed now, besides working through the language barrier between Chinese and English, she enjoys being here and seeing all the cultural similarities and differences between the western and the eastern World from an artistic perspective.


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