self and other,
a normality identified up
so high and lofty

self and other,
start in a stomach,
end on dirt

every day, lay
horizontal to
then perpendicular

like a phallus
powerful but goes weak
in the sight of another too bold

love so strong,
tolerance so weak,
oh, celebrated tolerance

where’s the love?
at least respect-
can we have both — chacha?

by Ellice Park


Danny Knox’s Creation Myth of Peni, in Progress:

“The Peni were once omnipotent beings with the power to create and destroy. Of all their creations they loved Poof most. They created Poof from 3 simple components; they were glitter, love, and the pieces of the earth. Poof was frozen much like a sculpture and unable to move or communicate. It was most important that Poof had emotions and he could feel. The Peni in order to be able to coexist with Poof, gave their powers of creation to the earth of which Poof was created. As a show of gratitude Poof cares for the Peni, who created him and sacrificed themselves for his life….”