Chu Seok by Kim Gu Yeon

The day after tomorrow is Chu Seok
Hung a swing
At the playground at the center of town
On the thick branch of a Dong gu tree.

Kids hung on the swing
To ride first
Everyone hung on it.

There are many plays during the Korean thanksgiving, such as kangknagsulle, juldarigi, flying kites, si-lm, and archery. The poem depicts joyful children who want to play with a swing during the thanksgiving. MICA Korean Student Association (KSA) organized an installation of kites to celebrate thanksgiving and to return to the innocence of a child. Every KSA member created at least one kite and draw on the blank side of the kites.

The installation starts from the corner of the building and extends to the second floor, so the kites are flying in the space. Because the kites are facing down at the floor level, people should look up to look the kites. The action is similar to watching actual flying kites on the sky. There is airflow in the building, and the tails of kites moves gently.

The installation was exhibited from November 9th to November 20th 2009.

by David Woo