"A Midsumer Night's Dream"

Last year Rivals of the West, MICA’s theatre company, put on Hair, a stellar performance that sold out the house. This year the production is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, an old favourite written by Shakespeare.

One’s first impression of the production might be how small the set and seating availability is. But after the first scene the small set changes into a beautiful forest with layers and layer of trees that reach the ceiling and trunks thicker than your waist. Combined with the lighting, It looked like a dreamland any child or adult would want to get lost in.

Directed by  Peter Shipley, and produced by Christopher Shipley. the play begins with a  dispute over whom Hermia, a young Athenian girl, should marry: Lysander, the man she loves, or Demetrius, the man her father approves of. She and her beau run away to marry but are followed by Lysander after he is tipped off by Helena, a girl who happens to be in love with Demetrius. This love rectangle of sorts is further complicated when the faerie folk decide to take matters into their own hands.

Woven into this story are the Mechanicals, a group of craftsmen who are directing their own play to perform before the Duke. One of these outrageous performers then becomes an object of affection to the Queen as revenge by the King. More hilarity then ensues as a result.

This delightful performance does the comedy justice, and will leave the audience laughing and sympathizing for the characters throughout the show.

You can purchase tickets for the show online or at the MICA bookstore.

The dates for the performance are as follows:

Wed. March 24 –Sat. March 27: 8pm

Sun. March 28: 7pm

Wed. March 31 – Sat. April 3: 8pm

Sunday, April 4: 7pm

Stay tuned next week for mini-interviews with some of the crew members who worked on the show!